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Moms, this pandemic has been hard on you. Not only are you cooped up away from your friends, co-workers, and favorite coffee shops, but you’re sharing a house with your equally cooped up kids! 

Why not get some inspiration from these moms-only spaces and create a private, in-home retreat or workspace for yourself? 

Yoga/meditation room

Lots of moms are feeling some mental strain during this pandemic. Consequently, don’t skimp on self-care! Yoga, meditation, and prayer time have been shown time and again to improve your mood. Keep up with your practice by devoting some space with big mats and bigger mirrors. Use contrasting warm and cool colors for additional splashes of mood-boosting endorphins. 

Bold, black and white office

If finding space to work is the biggest hurdle in your quarantine life, check out this gorgeous home office. It has a bold, funky wallpaper, modern office chair, and enough storage for all your post-its or quarterly reports. 

Comfortable work space 

Maybe the high-powered, modern look isn’t your thing. If so, try this cozy office on for size! It comes equipped with soft throw blankets, woven basket storage, and built in, farmhouse-inspired cabinets. All you need to do is pin up your calendar or bulletin board and voila! 

Perfectly poised home office

You’ll be spending a lot of time working from home for the foreseeable future, huh? Make sure you create a functional space like this one. Include plenty of storage, seating for guests (even the tiny or furry kind), and anything that will “spark joy” to look at, like botanical prints or a favorite lamp.

Attic reading nook

If the kids have taken over the rest of the house, you can always claim the attic! Give it that storybook feel by choosing simple colors, minimal decorations, and a fresh vase of flowers. Add a pile of your favorite books or magazines for complete relaxation.

Pretty in pink

Whether you want a mini home office, studio, or simply an insta-worthy space, this room can handle it all. Blend classically elegant pieces with modern art for a perfect Moms-only spot. 

Hillary is an educator and freelance writer who moonlights (literally) as a certified doula. When she's not helping moms on the internet and beyond, you can find her snuggling her growing family, cat, and occasionally her tomato plants.

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