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Meet Your New MFFL!

Meet Your New MFFL, Mom Friend For Life!

Motherhood can be isolating even without a global pandemic raging. But with COVID-19 keeping us locked down and lonely, mom life can feel more like no life.

Maybe you’ve recently lost your favorite play date or you just moved. Maybe you never really had a MFFL (mom friend for life) to begin with. Regardless of why you’re feeling alone, here are some sites that specialize in mom-to-mom connections. 


If you’ve been looking for a community of like-minded stay-at-home mamas, look no further! MOMS club is where you’ll find a local network of mothers providing support, education, and kid-friendly daytime events. Want to plan a charity drive for the children’s hospital, create a babysitting co-op, or attend a school choice seminar? Your local MOMS club chapter has you covered!


HeyMama’s mission is simple: empower moms at work. They host exclusive meetups, offer online networking opportunities, and curate a professional network designed to boost both your business and social life. There are currently ten in-person neworks in some of America’s biggest cities. Becoming a paid member grants you access to business and lifestyle perks, in addition to free access to most of their live events!  


City Mom Collective is the nation’s largest collection of hyperlocal mom influencers. They host a network of sister sites, all geared towards creating mom communities in your area. Want to know the best pumpkin patch in town? Plan a day at an indoor playground? Find other moms to hang with at your library’s toddler hour? Your hyperlocal guides have your back. 


For locations without existing groups, they also help connect businesses, leaders, and moms nearby to create a cocktail of opportunity for you- the new #MomBoss in town! 


Peanut is a social networking app like no other. It’s built by moms, for moms- at any stage of life. Whether you’re trying for a baby like crazy, expecting now, or just trying to survive motherhood, Peanut will help you find your tribe. Connect with moms near and far, start groups, or request or share advice. Who knows? You just might find your new MFFL was your neighbor all along!


“ It no longer has to be hard to meet other Moms like you! ”


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