Kitchen Decor Ideas for the Holiday Season

I don’t know about you, but I kind of sort of love decorating my whole house for the holidays – not just that one communal space. Spiders for Halloween in the bathroom? Yes please? A Christmas tree for the kids in the playroom? Yes! Some Thanksgiving goodness in my kitchen? Always! There’s just something so fun about seeing the joy of the holidays spread throughout your home, regardless of what room you are in. 


Wondering how to bring Thanksgiving decor into your kitchen, especially as we all prepare to spend a bit more time there in the coming weeks? Here’s a couple of ideas that I love, each one sure to make a sweet little statement AND spark that holiday joy all day long. 

Pottery Barn Pumpkin Shaped Stoneware Mugs and Bowls: Available in both orange and white, the color options ensure that both the neutral and the colorful home can find one that fits. I love how simple these are, while also giving that slight nod to the holiday that just feels so sweet. 

Also, peek at this adorable soup tureen!


“Grateful” Cutting Board: I absolutely love that a beautiful cutting board has now become a go-to statement piece in a kitchen. This “grateful” board would be perfect as a decorative piece on the counter and full of charcuterie on your Thanksgiving countertop!


Williams & Sonoma Autumn Dish Towels: Do you like to change out your linens for the holidays? It is so easy now to find affordable pillows, dish towels, and cloth napkins that allow you and your home another way to embrace the holidays. I love this simple, neutral autumn collection of dish towels from Williams and Sonoma. For those who want a bit more pizzazz, these are cute as well.


Hobby Lobby Decorative White Pumpkin: How cute is this decorative pumpkin with a pumpkin pie recipe on it? I can absolutely see this tucked into a corner of the kitchen, perhaps next to a vase of some cute Fall florals and that “grateful” wood cutting board. 

What do you think? Do you like to bring the holidays into your kitchen and onto your dining room table too? If you aren’t following Momsley on Pinterest yet, please follow along with us there as we continue to add to our ideas and dreams for a beautiful holiday home.

Lo is a labor + postpartum RN who left her patients for her own babies when her first daughter was born. She loved delivering her own girls, delivering her patients' babies, and is always writing about all of it. She lives in Denver with her husband and two daughters, currently pregnant with her third baby, writing, mom-ing, and encouraging + educating other mamas in all things L & D and mamahood on her Instagram @thelabormama.

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