Fall Season Means Fedora Season

Over the last five years, the autumn season has gifted us with colorful leaves and fresh batches of stylish new hats. Fedoras are commonly worn, wide-brimmed hats that are made of felt. Although these hats were originally designed in shades of black, they are now readily available in many colors and shades. Nowadays, fedoras are the perfect accessory whether you are looking to dress up or dress down. Throw on a black fedora with your favorite LBD or a colored fedora with your favorite white tee. Fedoras are the perfect transitional accessory that immediately take your style up a notch.  In this article, we will share our top five favorite hat brands that are releasing adorable fedoras this fall season.




1: Brixton

Brixton designs high-quality fedoras that you will want to keep forever. If you have just recently begun incorporating fedoras into your wardrobe, Brixton offers modest hats that look good on everyone. This year, shades of green are becoming increasingly popular in autumn fashion. We adore the “Messer Fedora” in Moss. Brixton offers affordable accessories, averaging at roughly $59 per hat. 

“Messora Fedora” in Moss. $59.00 USD



2: Gigi Pip

Gigi Pip is a brand that is designed to empower women. Hats created by Gigi Pip go through 70+ steps and tests before they arrive at your doorstep. This Utah-based company aims to create hats that are suitable for any season of life. We love that Gigi Pip hats are versatile, bold, and timeless. These stylish fedoras are available at a medium price point, ranging between $60-$115 on average. Our favorite style for the 2020 season is the “Hannah Floppy Fedora” in Rust. This design offers the perfect pop of fall color with any outfit.

“Ava” Fedora in Ivory + Python, 128.00 USD

3: Hat Attack

Hat Attack is a family-owned business that has been bringing unique hats to the market for over 35 years. The original goal of this brand was to design timeless, high-quality hats at an affordable price. Over the years, the brand has continued to innovate and improve their range of offerings. This season, wear the “Ava” fedora to bring your style up a notch. With bold colors and a python band, this fedora is sure to capture the attention of fashionistas everywhere. These unique hats range between $128-$218.

“Goldfinger” in Ivory, $149.00 USD


4: Lack Of Color

Lack of Color is an Australian brand that takes a twist on timeless silhouettes. Although they provide accessories for all seasons, they take an innovative perspective with many of their pieces. This season, we are in love with the “The Goldfinger” silhouette in Ivory. This western style hat is subtle and seasonal. The current price point per hat ranges between $69-$200. When you purchase a single hat from this boutique, your style will become more confident, classy, and dynamic.

“Archer” in Whiskey, $230.00 USD


5: Janessa Leone

Janessa Leone is an artisan boutique that sells cruelty-free, handmade hats. These hats are prepared in developing countries across the globe. Because of their high-quality design, Jessica Leone hats are made to last a lifetime. The Autumn 2020 Collection features the “Archer” fedora. This hat is designed to be part of a classic collection. Made with dark wool and wrapped with a brown suede band, this hat is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Janessa Leone hats are typically sold for $230.

Janessa Leone hats typically start at $230.


Nowadays, fedoras are in style throughout the entire year. Although they are acceptable anytime, fedoras coincide perfectly with the standard fall wardrobe. Whether you are wearing distressed jeans, leggings, or a cocktail dress, a fedora can help you create a signature look.  By shopping at online boutiques that offer a variety of fedora options, you will quickly find the perfect hat for elegant events or every day usage.