Best HIIT Mini-Workouts for Moms

Finding the time to workout as a mom can often feel impossible. Even if you do manage to have 20 minutes to spare, most of that time is spent scouring YouTube for the “perfect” exercise class. While that 60 minute barre session isn’t always feasible during the naptime countdown, you can still get a great burn in a limited amount of time thanks to HIIT workouts.


HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, consists of short bursts of strenuous work with limited timed recovery. Rather than working at a consistent level of effort, like when you’re going for a run, HIIT involves hitting your max, recovering, followed by another burst of work. This style of training can increase endurance, improve cardiovascular health, and reduce body fat in a shorter amount of time compared to a typical workout. It can also increase your metabolism, improve blood circulation, and reverse signs of cellular aging. Convinced yet? So while HIIT workouts reign supreme for the workout with the most bang for your buck, finding the perfect HIIT workout for you is an entirely different story. Luckily, these reputable companies have certified trainers making sure you get the best sweat in whatever time you have.


Barry’s Bootcamp offers full body workouts that promise to push you to your max. Whether you opt for the guided treadmill run or strength training floor workout, you’re promised a killer playlist, motivating instructors, and high calorie burn. Plus, Barry’s emphasizes a sense of community to make sure you never feel like you’re in this alone.


Do Your Rumble live-inspired boxing classes take place over Zoom for an extra level of accountability (or just turn your camera off if you’d like to keep your unwashed hair to yourself). In just 45 minutes, you can have a full-body strength and cardio workout using your bodyweight or with limited equipment. The once boutique classes available only to those nearby are now accessible to anyone with the internet.


Obe Fitness offers over 4,500 on-demand classes, some as short as five minutes! Whether you opt for a live class or an on-demand session, you simply filter what you’re looking for to find which best meets your needs. From calming breathwork after your intense HIIT session, their variety has something for everyone.


No matter which you choose, it’s no longer searching in a blackhole to find the perfect workout. These carefully curated classes are your sure to get your energy and spirits up!

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