Catherine McCord saw a problem and solved it. Her brands have brought families together for fun, nutrient-packed, fuss-free mealtimes. Read more about her remedies for picky eaters.


NAME: Catherine McCord
AGE: 48
CHILDREN: Mom of 3 to Kenya 12; Chloe 10; Gemma 4
INSTAGRAM: @weelicious, @onepotatobox
LOCATION: California
OCCUPATION: American Actress, Founder of Weelicious, Co-Founder of One Potato
BRANDS: Weelicious, One Potato
INDUSTRIES: Food + Parenting

Weelicious was launched in 2007, with One Potato following in 2015. Weelicious provides easy meal ideas for the pickiest of eaters! Their inspiration for family meals are complete with recipes that are quick, easy, and utilize fresh wholesome ingredients. One Potato is the first organic home meal delivery system meant to use the inspiration offered at Weelicious in a whole new way, focusing on fulfilling the dinnertime needs of families.



When McCord struggled with feeding her own infant, she realized there was no solution out there for her “new mom” problem. She searched high and low for simple nutritious options, but couldn’t find the right resources. Putting her culinary degree and life experiences to use, she decided to be that resource for herself and other new moms out there!



The mealtime struggle is nothing new to moms. It can be an all-out battlefield when it comes to getting kids to try new foods and eat healthy. With the assistance of Weelicious, moms are finding fun and nutrient-packed options that everyone can get behind! Weelicious offers all the assistance families need to finally get excited about mealtime, creating one less argument and one more enjoyable family experience.



Catherine McCord is a SUPER mom! She felt stumped by the same issues many moms face and decided to be the inspiring and uplifting voice we all need. Finding a way to make mealtime fun, delicious, and nutritious is a challenge for anyone, so we salute McCord for her commitment to helping families everywhere make a shift to happy mealtimes. Catherine’s fun attitude towards food and her emphasis on the importance of family mealtime make it hard not to love her!


“You win just by trying. If you immerse yourself completely and wholeheartedly into any given task you’re already a winner, no matter the outcome.”

– Catherine McCord







Meg is a seasoned writer from the suburbs of Chicago where she juggles homeschooling, managing her business, and all the other joys of motherhood. When she is not chasing her kids or her dreams, she can be found with a cup of coffee, a chunky blanket, and a pile of books. Or on an adventure with her husband.