10 Rainbow-Inspired Kid Rooms & Play Spaces

Rainbows are the latest trend in kid’s bed- and playroom decor thanks to a worldwide COVID-19 mission to brighten communities. Get some inspiration from these psychedelic spaces before you start your next redecorating binge!

Rainbow hot air balloons 

These bold balloons are sure to keep your child’s chin up! Who can help staring at these Crayola-bright colors dangling from the ceiling of a playroom or nursery? 



Playing with patterns

From stripes to polkadots to plaid, this room uses every shade of whimsy. Not only are the walls decorated from floor to ceiling, but they’ve included a thick-stripe rainbow carpet and multi-colored fabric bins for easy toy storage.

Rainbow wood crate wall storage

Take a soft, neutral wall color and add pops of jazzy rainbow with painted wood crates. Arrange them around a bright, rockin’ centerpiece and you’ve created every tween girl’s dream room!

Playful polka dots

This room started as a blank slate- white walls, white dresser, everything. Now it’s a polka dot focal point with dots on the wall and a string garland. Finally, take a collection of boring, white frames and fit the wall with rainbow prints! 

Rainbows by the book 

This room keeps things simple and lets the rainbow do all the work. Brightly-painted shelves with arranged picture books provide all the color. This would make great decor in a homeschool room, too!

Colorful small spaces

Don’t have the room (or budget) to redo the whole nursery? Instead, just add a rainbow pillow atop a comfy chair, a rainbow bordered mirror, and finish off with colorful accents in the bookshelf.

Rainbow shelving

This giant rainbow from Drew Barrymore’s collection will be the focal point of your kid’s playroom. It keeps all the actual storage on the side so from the front things just look bright and colorful. 

Soft seating and accents

This room adds a whole wall of multicolored floor sofas and pillows and sturdy yellow chairs in addition to random polka dots on the walls and ceiling. Add a bold, framed print and voila! 

Honeycomb hidey-holes

Every busy bee needs somewhere to unwind. Your child will love this soft, pastel-colored wall storage collection for hiding their favorite toys. 

Rainbow wall mural

If you need a reason to smile, consider some wallpaper to make a larger-than-life rainbow. These fresh colors are sure to spruce up any child’s space!

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