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Fun Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts to Do With Your Kids

It’s been both the longest and shortest year for so many of us, and just like that, the holidays are here again. Many mamas are desperate for the joy that the holidays bring, perhaps this year more than ever before?

Is this you? Do you want a couple of ideas or ways to bring the joy of the holidays into your home, particularly with your littles? Here’s a couple of simple Thanksgiving arts and crafts projects sure to spark a bit of much needed happiness. 


Gratitude Turkey: Mama, this one is TRULY easy. All you need is construction paper, glue/tape, and a black pen. Cut a turkey, cut some feathers, and you and your littles start filling that turkey up with reasons to be grateful. My family keeps the extra feathers in a mason jar and adds a new gratitude every night at dinner.

* I use painter’s tape to hang up Tom and his feathers. Then we put him right on a wall where the kids can reach him, see him, and add to him daily.

Autumn Leaf Turkey: Wondering what to do with that pile of leaves in your yard? Grab some of them to make these little leaf turkeys. Turkey printable included in the link! You’ll also need some  paper, coloring supplies, scissors, and glue.  I love the idea of making a few of these and using them as the place cards at your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Painted Rocks and Leaves: Okay, I know paint can be a pain. But, my girls are just so happy when they get some freedom with paint! Collect some pinecones, leaves, and small rocks from your yard. You’ll also need some paintbrushes. Set your littles up with some washable paint and let them go to town. When they’re done, snag some of that white paint and write a message – again, another sweet addition for the Thanksgiving dinner table!

I’m definitely ready for a little bit of joy in my home too. Hopefully these sweet little activities will help you and your littles pass some of your days and add some much needed life and joy to your Thanksgiving table.

Lo is a labor + postpartum RN who left her patients for her own babies when her first daughter was born. She loved delivering her own girls, delivering her patients' babies, and is always writing about all of it. She lives in Denver with her husband and two daughters, currently pregnant with her third baby, writing, mom-ing, and encouraging + educating other mamas in all things L & D and mamahood on her Instagram @thelabormama.

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