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NAME: Anine Bing

AGE: 37

IG Handle:  @aninebing

LOCATION: (Where they live) Los Angeles, California

POSITION/TITLE: Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Anine Bing fashion, former blogger, model, and singer


INDUSTRY: Fashion, former blogger, model and singer

SUMMARY OF THE BRAND/ COMPANY: Anine Bing is a fashion line that brings together edgy and feminine details in perfect harmony. From luxurious staples to perfect basics, Anine Bing dresses the modern woman and mom for every outing. Ranging from hot trends to stunning classics, her fashion line is designed to be accessible and inviting for all. 

HOW LONG IT’S BEEN AROUND: Anine Bing was launched in 2012

HOW MANY KIDS: Two kids, a son and daughter


INSPIRATION BEHIND BRAND / COMPANY: Anine Bing shares how the world around her impacted the creation of her brand and inspires her collections: “I collect inspiration from life, from stylish women I see on the street, in magazines and at the various flea markets I love to take my family to during the weekends. After I put the kids to bed, I sit down with my mood boards and compile my thoughts and ideas.” Glamour Magazine, 2013


WHY WE LOVE THIS BRAND: Anine Bing fashion line is curated to fit the busy lifestyle of every mom. Her clothes are designed for the mom leading a board meeting to the one in the school pick-up line. Whether you’re a jeans and tee girl, or looking for a sharp suit to impress, her designs encourage moms to feel confident and comfortable for all occasions. 

WHY WE LOVE THIS MAMA: Anine Bing knows who to design for moms because she is a mom. She pursues her dreams in fashion, blogger, modeling and singing, showing women everywhere there’s no limit to their dreams, even (or especially!) after children. Moms can continue to evolve and seek out their passions and interests at all stages of life.


“The Anine Bing girl loves to travel and experience life. She’s fashion-forward without trying too hard. She loves life, music, art. She wears her lifestyle day and night.” – Anine Bing, Glamour, 2013

Juliette is a published author and illustrator. She has contributed to numerous blogs and online magazines, writing on topics from love and relationships to wellness and motherhood. Juliette resides outside of Washington D.C. with her husband and son.


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