For those in the process of decorating (or redecorating) a child’s room or nursery, you might have noticed a trend. Many of the prints and wall art available for kid’s rooms recently look… identical. If you’re hoping to find something unique, modern, or just plain fun for your little one, we’ve got you covered! Check out our three featured artists and find just the thing to complete your nursery or kid’s room. 

Robyn Blair

Robyn Blair certainly understands the sweeter things in life. She’s had her candy-themed art featured in Forbes and Cosmopolitan, among other places. Each piece is *literally* filled with real candy, and is custom-sealed so it never goes bad. 

The hardest thing about adding some of Robyn’s work in your child’s room will be explaining that no, this candy is not for eating… 


Brite Lite Tribe

Meet the most chic night light in town! The people at Brite Lite New Neon create fully customizable wall art for any occasion, but it’s so fitting for kid’s rooms and nurseries! Spell out your child’s name, neon-ify a favorite illustration, or give them a motto to follow.

Not only are these signs absolutely dazzling as wall art, but they also work on a dimmer, so they can be used as an actual night light. They don’t buzz like typical neon either, so they’re perfect for naptime. 





Artstar’s children’s collection has whatever you’re looking for, even if it’s a more traditional nursery feel. 

For those looking for more modern twists, they have options for you, too! 

Hillary is an educator and freelance writer who moonlights (literally) as a certified doula. When she's not helping moms on the internet and beyond, you can find her snuggling her growing family, cat, and occasionally her tomato plants.