Chelsea’s impact on the Frida brand has affected all of us mama’s! Her products not only support a new baby, but the postpartum process as well. Read more about Chelsea and her journey with FridaBaby.


NAME: Chelsea Hirschhorn
AGE: 37
CHILDREN: Mom to 3 beautiful boys
INSTAGRAM: @fridababy @cmrh
BRAND: Frida
INDUSTRY: Parenting

Fridababy started out as a single product in 2007 and was later expanded with the help of Chelsea as CEO. Fridababy now features a “diversified baby product portfolio”. According to Hirschhorn, Fridababy is “the best friend no parent has” and its mission is to prepare parents for all the mess that comes with the love of being a mother or father. Chelsea signed on as CEO in 2014 and within 18 months expanded Fridababy from 2,000 stores to more than 28,000 stores.



Chelsea knows the struggles of motherhood firsthand, so she decided to devote her life to thinking of ways to make parenthood a little bit easier for all of us!



Chelsea and her team at Fridababy have literally given parents the “Swiss army knife” of parenthood. What started with the Nosefrida quickly became an arsenal of must-have products, or “fussbusters”, for every occasion. We cannot get enough of these handy tools that make parenthood a sigh of relief, even in the toughest of times.



Chelsea’s vision is a mixture of passion and problem-solving for the modern mom. She works hard for both her family and ours by creating products that make a difference by preparing us for every situation of motherhood. Seriously, everything baby throws our way, she has got a tool for it! She took her company even further by assisting new moms through postpartum life with the Frida mom line. Every product is designed to help moms feel prepared, cared for, and understood from the moment a new baby enters the world.

Why else do we love her? She is a multi-hat wearing superstar that embodies all of the Momsley Mompreneur’s traits! She has been involved in every aspect of her company at some point or another while raising three beautiful boys. She is a powerhouse of ideas and inspiration for every mom out there.


“We have leveraged the insight that parents don’t want to see how perfect your parenting skills are or how amazing your rainbow flower exploding birthday cake is, people are craving some of the raw, unfiltered realities from other parents.”

– Chelsea Hirschhorn







Meg is a seasoned writer from the suburbs of Chicago where she juggles homeschooling, managing her business, and all the other joys of motherhood. When she is not chasing her kids or her dreams, she can be found with a cup of coffee, a chunky blanket, and a pile of books. Or on an adventure with her husband.