Quinn Providence is a mother and the founder of a successful business in the wellness and beauty industry. Read more about her background and brand!


NAME: Quinn Providence
AGE: 30
CHILDREN: Quinn has two children, Ori (4) and Caden (8) (bonus child)
INSTAGRAM: @Quinnstyle @hglssalon
LOCATION: Boca Raton, Florida
OCCUPATION: Mother + Founder of Hollywood Glam lifestyle Salon
BRAND: Hollywood Glam lifestyle Salon
INDUSTRIES: Wellness + Beauty

Quinn founded Hollywood Glam Lifestyle Salon in 2013 at age 21. Her mission is to provide the perfect blend of quality and style through ultra-luxury hair extensions that combine the most natural silky fibers with the most advanced weaving techniques available.



Quinn’s inspiration for creating her brand is to uplift and empower women, all while making them feel and look fabulous. Hollywood Glam Lifestyle is a full service salon located in Boca Raton, Florida. Specializing in giving clients the Hollywood glow, they not only service clients with a new look, but a new attitude as well. Their clients have access to the trendiest extension techniques, hair care treatments, lashes and brows, makeup and fashion. Some of their top quality products include HGLS hair extensions and wigs.The key to Hollywood Glam Lifestyle’s success is their ability to provide their clients with a luxury experience and outstanding customer service. From celebrities to businesswomen to stay-at-home-moms, Hollywood Glam Lifestyle has dedicated itself to helping women from all walks of life look and feel like Hollywood.



We love this company because of its purpose to educate and empower women. Quinn uses her knowledge to show other women how to build a clientele, how to be professional, how to juggle different priorities and how to work with other women in a positive environment. Quinn created a safe place where women can come and just vibe out while getting the full glam treatment.



“My mom taught me to just keep fighting to, you know, no matter what, figure it out and don’t depend on anyone else. You can do it just as well as a man.”

– Quinn Providence




Bianca (Momsley)Okay. Alright, okay, today I’m with Quinn Providence. We are in Boca Raton, Florida at Hollywood Glam lifestyle Salon. Quinn is a mother of two beautiful boys.

Quinn – Yes, ages four and eight  and their names are Ori and Caden.

Bianca (Momsley) – Yes, Ori and Caden. I just found out they were named after..

Quinn- Um, well, my dad named my son, Ori after the Ethiopian Bible, and he was the first Ethiopian king. 

Bianca (Momsley) – Oh, so there’s some, you know, history there. How long have you been open for?

Quinn – We’ve been open for nine years, this October.

Bianca (Momsley) – So, your salon is a full service salon. Tell us a little bit about what you specialize in and your different techniques.

Quinn- Okay, so yeah, we basically specialize in extensions. We do silk press, Tape-in install, Micro-links, half up half down, bond in (quick weave). We do clip-ins and also we do traditional Sew-ins with color and cut, butterfly locks and braids – its amazing!

Bianca (Momsley)- Yes. Oh, well, I’ve seen your work, it is amazing and where can people see some of your work?

Quinn- On Instagram @Quinnstyle @hglssalon

Bianca (Momsley)- How do you manage to balance being a mother of two? Having a business? How do you manage balancing all of that?

Quinn- Honestly a schedule. And I feel like balancing is important. So just following a schedule and staying on top of it being consistent and making time for yourself and your family and the business.

Bianca (Momsley)- Yes. Do you hear that ladies? Schedule it out. Write it out.

Quinn- Yes, write it down, make memos. 

Bianca (Momsley) – You must put Alerts on your calendar for everything-  Especially when you have so much going on.

Quinn – Oh, yeah, absolutely. Honestly, it’s the best thing ever.

Bianca (Momsley)- And how do you make time for yourself?

Quinn- Um, I make time just by being still and just kind of penciling  when I can do me time. I don’t care. In my calendar maybe once or twice a month and just saying hey, this is the time for you,you and only you and no one else. 

Bianca (Momsley)- I think it is extremely important to always  take that time for yourself.

Quinn- The kids will be okay for  that one day.

Bianca (Momsley)- What is your favorite room in your house?

Quinn- Um, the favorite room in my home is my bedroom. Honestly, okay, my bedroom only because it’s very nice and I spent a lot of money on my bed. My bed is amazing. and I love my sleep. But honestly, I will say it’s my closet. I love clothes and my shoes and stuff like that and fashion.

Bianca (Momsley)- Oh yeah. Actually talking about fashion. You also have a boutique in your salon.

Quinn- Yes, She so chique. I love the boutique clothes because we handpicked them.  The designer, basically from New York and she kind of like Mix and match patterns.  It’s just very chic and very beautiful and it gives me confidence as a mother because I don’t know if everyone else out there but, I  have Mom boobs . I have a little mom belly. So Yes. I love her clothes because it’s flattering to my body.

Bianca (Momsley)- Oh, I love that.  Like the piece you are wearing?

Quinn-  Yes. Beautiful piece is actually from there. 

 Bianca (Momsley)- we’re also going to be showing some of her other pieces as well. We took some pictures so you’ll be able to see more and then we’ll also add a link. You can find everything, just like this piece and other beautiful pieces. But yeah, anything I think as a mom, you know, that we can put on to make us feel good. You know, it’s better than sweat pants and a shirt.

Quinn– Yes, you know you have to.. Getting up, doing your makeup, feeling good about yourself and going.

Bianca (Momsley)- Yeah, and  it helps with mental health as well.

Quinn- Yes. And that’s why I created how we do Hollywood glam. Even moms like us need that time, and yes feel glamorous.

Bianca (Momsley)- What is a valuable lesson your mom taught you? 

Quinn- My mom taught me to just keep fighting, you know, no matter what, figure it out and don’t depend on anyone else you can do it just as well as a man.

Bianca (Momsley)- You hear that ladies? We’re stronger, faster, smarter!

Quinn- Absolutely. I agree. 100%. So yeah, she just told me to keep going. Keep your head up. Stay Beautiful. Take care of yourself. And just keep pushing.

Bianca (Momsley)- How does family play a role in your life? Because obviously, we know, they say it takes a village. So how do you make it work? running not only a successful company, but also just, you know, running a household.

Quinn- honestly, just like you said, have a village. My family is very, very supportive. Daddy plays a big role. He grabs the kids, when I have like trainees on Mondays or even on the weekend, he grabs them and helps me while I just run the business, even at home, He’ll prepare dinner, sometimes he’ll take the kids to school or after care. So a village is very important. And it’s a very high priority for our family. And I think it’s amazing, we help each other and balance a company as well.

Bianca (Momsley)– Well, that’s amazing. So you have someone a supportive partner. and that’s that’s important Because then it allows you to be the boss that you are, you can focus on the things that you need to focus on. And then you don’t have to worry about, you know, anything else slipping through the cracks. 

Quinn- Absolutely. 

Bianca (Momsley)- why do you feel like it’s important to support other women owned businesses? Why is that important to you? 

Quinn- It’s so important because, um, like we were talking about, it’s only 1% of small businesses owned by women, it’s important that we keep pushing that and climbing up the ladder. And just, it makes us feel good. Because, you know, back in the day, women didn’t even get the opportunity to own a lot. So now that we are on and we do have the opportunity, I think it’s important. So while we have the chance, why not support one another.

Bianca (Momsley)- So what was the first thing you learned about being an entrepreneur? and how did you apply that to being a mother? 

Quinn- Oh, great question. Um, I learned that you have to be very organized. Very organized. And I feel like that follows through being a mom because one thing about a company or a business, there’s so many  departments and you cannot wear all the hats. You have to find everyone’s strength and give them their strength. And you just go in and train wherever you need to train and I feel like  motherhood is the same way if dad is good with like, feeding them or giving them a bottle. Yeah, let them have it and kind of help them stay organized. If you guys have a schedule in place, just dad you take them on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I’ll take them on Sundays and Fridays like I just find like that helps. And it keeps the whole system going, staying organized and having a system. 

Bianca (Momsley)- It’s interesting that you say that because I feel like when I was a first time Mother, I think I tried to do everything.

Quinn- Oh, no girl

Bianca (Momsley)- but because you run a business, you realize the importance of creating time and having everything scheduled. You know, that is obviously something that you applied as being a mother, you were like, I cannot do everythingThen you get burnt out. 

Quinn- Yeah, you will get burnt out and sometimes I do get burnt out. Because during the summer dad is always working a lot more, or even like in the beginning of the school year, because he’s a teacher. I will have to pick up the boys and drop him off to all types of things. It can get exhausting, but then you have to pull back, pull that schedule out and say, Hey, like, I gotta figure this out and implement your time for yourself. Care and meditation.

Bianca (Momsley)- Yes, taking time for yourself and your mental health is important

Quinn- Yes. Meditation. 

Bianca (Momsley) – Yeah, it can be hard to start your day like that. 

Quinn-  Oh, yeah. It’s really, really hard. Especially if you want to just get that extra sleep. Not everyday. I like praying, which I should be doing more of. But um, I think if you set that timer and just say, Okay, let me lock myself in the bathroom or in the living room for about 10 or 15 minutes and be very disciplined about that. I’m a very disciplined person. So if I put my mind to something, I’m definitely going to get it done. And I really love block scheduling. I don’t know. I love block scheduling. Like, I set a timer for one hour to do the laundry. If it’s not done in that one hour. That’s it. I gotta wait until Thursday. Because that’s someone I’m, it’s on my schedule to do laundry again. Yeah, because I feel like in a day as a mom and as an entrepreneur, we try to get everything done in one time. But if you block schedule, say, hey, Tuesday, Wednesdays, I’m gonna do laundry or whatever the case may be. After that one hour, I’m setting aside. If it’s not done, I move on until I see it the next following week or the end of the week. That way, I’m not overwhelmed. Yeah. And it’s okay to not have it all together. 

Bianca (Momsley)- The biggest struggle for me, I think as a mom is guilt. How do you deal with feeling guilt as a mom? Like, are you able to just take it in? And then you’re like, okay, it is what it is  then move forward. Like, how do you deal with that?

Quinn- Honestly, guilt is all about what you think about yourself. You got to know who you are. If you know you can, get it done. Or you know, you tried your best. There shouldn’t be any guilt. It’s like, okay, I know I did the best that I could to get my son to practice this week.  If I did or if I didn’t get it done. You can’t feel bad, you have to move forward. My son has a speech delay. And there are times where I’m like, Okay, three months in already. Like you should know how to say this word properly. But it’s all God’s timing. 

Bianca (Momsley) – That’s right. 

Quinn- Practice, practice, practice. And if he doesn’t get it right now, give yourself some grace. He’ll be talking in no time. 

Bianca (Momsley) – Another thing is comparison. Yeah,  I think that’s as a mother. You know, we struggle with that, whether it’s other women, or kids with kids. Yeah. So how do you navigate that?

Quinn-  um, it took me a long time for me to kind of stop comparing my son to everyone else, and know that my son is gifted, he is a star, he is going to be an amazing young man, especially Ori.  Caden’s already sprouted into such a beautiful, tall, handsome young man. But um, I had to learn that there are stages and God made us all different. For a reason. If we all want the same, we will all be moving like robots. Yeah. And what’s unique about that, nothing. So I’m just grateful and just know that you have to just stop comparing, even when it comes to us. We have to stop competing. 

Bianca (Momsley) – Yes!

Quinn- Women be like, well, I want to look pretty like her, or I want to run my own business like her. How does she multitask? It’s like, let’s come together versus comparing each other and empower and empower. 

Bianca (Momsley)- Yes, absolutely and then do you feel you know, you’re in a position where you get to help empower women? 

Quinn-  Oh, I guess I feel like that is my purpose. Honestly, here is my skill, I’m really good at it, because you can train to be and do anything. But my purpose is to bring up someone else that didn’t get the opportunity. Because when I was growing up, I didn’t get the opportunity to train under someone I was someone assistant, but they didn’t teach me the ropes or how to build a clientele, how to be professional, how to juggle different priorities and making time for yourself, and just how to work with other women in a positive environment. So I think that me having this place, God blessed me with this building itself, to bring other women and uplift them, and give them the ropes and kind of help them in a path, you know, once they spread their wings, and they’ll be able to go into the world.

Bianca (Momsley) – Oh, so it’s like a, it’s kind of like a pay it forward. And it builds and grows. 

Quinn- Yes, I have such an amazing team. They are so great. I have mentored a lot of women, but these set of women are there. They’re special to me. It’s amazing. 

Bianca (Momsley)- Hairstylist are kind of like therapists in a way.

Quinn- You know what, I really love it but, I had to learn to detach that once I leave. Um, but I found it beautiful that women can come and release and be in a safe place where you can just vibe out, ask questions, ask other women opinions and even topics about being a mom, like, how do you do it? Or is it okay, if I do this to my child? Yes. As long as you’re not going crazy and doing nothing crazy. You’re fine. The way you raise your children is no better or worse than the next person. So I think it’s a great safe place here at Hollywood Glam. 

Bianca (Momsley)- Yeah, it’s like it’s a sense of vulnerability. 

Quinn- Yes. Everybody can come in. They can laugh and cry. 

Bianca (Momsley)- They come in looking their worst, and then they can leave feeling beautiful. feeling beautiful, but feeling like, you know we’ve had these really amazing deep conversations. 

Quinn- Absolutely. So I love my job. 

Bianca (Momsley) – And you can tell because I can see it in your work. I can see it with the girls that yeah, work around you. You know, it’s a very empowering place. You know, that you allow women to, like I said, Be vulnerable and just feel fabulous.

Quinn- Absolutely. That’s it!

Bianca (Momsley) – So you can if you want to see more work by Quinn, the fabulous Quinn. You can find  her on Instagram, Facebook and  Tiktok.  So there you can see all her fabulous work. 

Quinn– Yeah, you can see all these amazing transformation amazing clients. 

Bianca (Momsley) – Yes. Yes. Go check her out, especially if you’re in Boca Raton. area, even if you come down to visit Florida. We know you’re coming here this summer. Yeah. Everyone comes to South Florida. Come here, get your hair done. She’s absolutely fabulous. Yes and pick up some pieces from She so Chique.  

Quinn-  thank you so much for having me 

Bianca (Momsley)– Thank you for being my MomInspo. 

Quinn- Absolutely anytime for you!


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