Must-Have Maternity Leggings for Every Mama-To-Be

Whether you are two weeks pregnant or seven months pregnant, your body is changing and transforming each and every day. With so much change happening, it is important that you have items of clothing that are comfortable every step of the journey. Typically, pants are the most difficult clothing items for pregnant women to find. When waist bands are snug and skinny jeans don’t work anymore, it can be extremely frustrating to find pants that are both comfortable and cute. Leggings are the perfect option for women during the season of pregnancy. Not only are high-quality leggings incredibly comfortable, they can either be dressed up or down for any occasion. In this article, we will review our favorite maternity leggings that every mama-to-be should have this year.


1: Blanqi

“Everyday Maternity Belly Support” in Storm, $64 USD

Blanqi specializes in making leggings that are transferable from maternity to motherhood. Over the months leading up to motherhood, your body morphs and changes. Blanqi creates leggings that fit well throughout every season of your pregnancy. Blanqi leggings are designed with a few key qualities: built-in back support, seamless support band, and gradual compression features. The “Everyday Maternity Belly Support” Leggings in Storm are absolutely phenomenal. At only $64 dollars a pair, these leggings are designed to carry you from conception through your due date.

2: Hatch

“The Before, During, and After” Leggings in Black, $98 USD

Hatch is a brand that aims to accommodate every season of motherhood. The team at Hatch designs pieces that can be with you through the intimate moments, the confusing moments, and the beautiful moments. With a mantra, “We’re about the mamas of the world,” Hatch is truly trying to supply comfortable clothing that is accessible to mothers everywhere. If you are looking for a versatile legging, look no further than “The Before, During, and After” Leggings in Black. This pair of pants will expand as your baby grows and will shrink back to their natural size after the baby is born. This innovative legging is priced at $98 per pair.

3: Plush

“Maternity Fleece-Lined Over Belly” Leggings in Gray, $81 USD

When you shop at Plush, you will find offerings that go far beyond the average maternity line. Plush offers stylish and luxurious pieces that are adorable on every mama-to-be. Not only do they offer unique pieces, they have pieces that are perfect for each season! As fall kicks into gear, it is important to have a pair of leggings that is thick. The “Maternity Fleece-Lined Over Belly” Leggings in Gray are incredibly comfortable. These leggings add warmth without bulk for just $81.

4: Isabella Oliver

“Maternity Active” Leggings in Caviar Black, $99 USD

Isabella Oliver is a brand that was founded on strong ethics and sustainable practices. Maternity clothes should do more than just fit, they should flatter. Isabella Oliver offers a maternity line that is truly flattering for women at every stage of their pregnancy. If you maintain an active lifestyle, check out the “Maternity Active” Leggings in Caviar Black. With jersey material, these leggings will help support your belly as you exercise.  For $99 per pair, these leggings may soon become a closet staple.


5: Storq

“Signature” Leggings in Black, $65 USD

Storq is a unique brand that specializes in making everyday staple pieces for pregnant women. Having a reliable pair of black leggings is crucial whether you are pregnant or not. The “Signature” Leggings in Black are soft and versatile. The Signature leggings can be worn with a slouchy tee or a blazer. These leggings are extremely affordable, costing $65 per pair.


As the Fall approaches, having reliable leggings is critical. If you are pregnant, you have likely discovered that finding comfortable pants is difficult. A high-quality pair of leggings can be dressed up or dressed down. It is important to have leggings that are designed for warmth, activity, and everyday wear. When you shop with the brands above, you can find maternity clothes that will fit throughout your entire pregnancy.