3 Luxury Resorts to Reset Your Mama Mind & Body

One of the most important lessons moms learn is that it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup. For moms to show up each and every day for their families, it’s essential for them to carve out the time they need to regroup, relax, and reset. There’s no better way for moms to restore than spending time at a luxury resort. And while a vacation might not be in the cards for you just yet, this is the perfect time to begin planning a little escape. The earlier you can get your getaway onto the calendar, the easiest it will be to ensure it’s smooth sailing while you’re away from the home front. These three destinations are sure to feed your body, mind, and soul so you’re not only prepared, but able to thrive in all of life’s chaos.


Miraval Resorts combines the local culture of its locations with healing spa treatments and soothing health practices. Whether you’re in Arizona, Austin, or Berkshires, you’ll enjoy nutritious meals, outdoor adventures, sustainable living and fitness activities with price points starting around $450. More than caring for your body, Miraval Resorts emphasize balance and growth of your mind, so you’ll have all the tools necessary to bring your newfound peace home.


Kenoza Hall

is located on a serene lake in the Catskills and centers its experiences around the nature surrounding the land. With private access to Lake Kenoza, a myriad of hiking trails and spa amenities, this is the best getaway to practice your forest bathing. With rooms ranging from around $500 to $1000 a night, there’s a stay tailored to your needs. The in-house bar and restaurant are sure to keep your belly full, with sweeping views of the landscape from every room.



Gateway Canyons Resort and Spa in Colorado is the ideal blend of adventure and relaxation starting under $500 a night. Whether you opt to explore the red rocks on UTV, on the hiking trails or on horseback, there is enough activity to fill a weekend and beyond. Or, choose to pamper yourself with a facial, massage, or array of body treatments at their exemplary spa.

Whichever getaway you choose, you’re sure to disconnect from the outside world and bring your focus inward. For moms to nurture all the people they love, it’s essential they nurture themselves first. These three getaways are sure to fill your cup, and more.

Juliette is a published author and illustrator. She has contributed to numerous blogs and online magazines, writing on topics from love and relationships to wellness and motherhood. Juliette resides outside of Washington D.C. with her husband and son.