It was just after dinner one weeknight in April 2020. I was feeling overwhelmed after a long day of work projects, homeschooling, and a broken dishwasher. To top it all off, the toddler was teething…and it was only 5:00pm.  


Normally, my husband would encourage me to get out of the house on nights like these. I would have taken a walk to the local craft brewery and relaxed with a book, or gone to get a fresh haircut. But it was spring 2020, that time that will be remembered as The Great COVID-19 Shutdown. Everything was closed. 


I’m sure you’ve had similar moments over the last several months. If the events from the past few years have caused you to become more of a homebody, here are a few ways you can pamper yourself without leaving your house:

Enjoy a Makeover or Spa Night


A friend sent me a Birchbox a few months back, and I was impressed with the quality of the items. You receive five beauty samples (for example, mine included some hair products, a skin exfoliant, and lip gloss), and if you like any of them you can purchase the full-size products. Priced at just $10-$15 per month, it’s a bargain! If makeup isn’t your thing, try Bath Bevy, a bath-themed subscription box that would be perfect for a relaxing spa night.


Take a Massage Master Class


Missing your masseuse? Train your significant other to be a substitute! Udemy offers a variety of affordable online courses, including this one from Isla Verde Spa. The course includes lifetime access to six hours of video lectures that will give you and your partner a foundation in massage essentials. Add a course in aromatherapy and you will be a master in the art of relaxation.


Get a Fresh Mani/Pedi (Delivered)!


ORLY’s nail care line is cruelty-free and professional quality. You can buy their top-rated products individually online or sign up for the ORLY Color Pass subscription box. The boxes come four times a year, delivering brand new nail shades for the season, plus some additional surprise items. You’ll receive your box in October, January, April, and July. To top it all off, items in the boxes are half of retail prices!


Make sure to set aside time regularly to pamper yourself during these challenging times. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Taking the time to recharge on a regular basis is essential to staying healthy – and sane – in the midst of a pandemic. 

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Nicole lives in Maryland with her husband and five (soon to be six!) children. She spends most of her time homeschooling her very energetic kids. Although "Mom" is her full-time title right now, she has also worked as a birth and postpartum doula, prenatal fitness specialist, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and freelance writer and editor.