Meet Anne Read Lattimore & Cassandra Cannon

Anne and Cassandra built a successful brand, all while first-time mom’s to children under 1 year old! Read more about their powerful path to success in both family and business.


NAMES: Anne Read Lattimore & Cassandra Cannon
AGES: Anne is 39, Cassandra is 37
CHILDREN: Anne has two children: Elizabeth 6: William 4. Cassandra has three children: Finn 5; Mary Pierce 3; Jude 1.
INSTAGRAM: @lakepajamas
LOCATION: Savannah, Georgia (both)
OCCUPATION: Cofounders of LAKE: Anne primarily handles product & design while Cassandra focuses on operations & finances, but they work together as a team wearing many hats.
INDUSTRIES: Fashion + Clothing

LAKE was founded in 2014 as a clothing brand providing the perfect pair of buttery-soft cotton pajamas. It has now grown into a complete clothing line for women, men, and children. At the core of the brand remains pajamas, but LAKE has expanded to include comfortable, daytime attire that is intended for the casual person. LAKE creates everyday comfort for your everyday moments!



Lattimore and Cannon, longtime friends well before becoming business partners, saw an opportunity to create a reality they couldn’t find in the fashion world: the perfect pair of super-soft, cheerful, cotton pajamas. While they provide far more than pajamas today, the inspiration remains the same: a mission to provide the softest, most premium cotton garments.


“Start small, seek guidance from others, and constantly evaluate where you are and where you want to be.”

– Anne Read Lattimore



Who doesn’t love a good pair of pajamas? We are inspired by the calm, cool, collectivity in the entire LAKE line. Their comfort and sophistication, paired with wearable silhouettes, means they are made with everyone in mind. Also, LAKE moved past pajamas and really gave women, men, and children a line of clothing designed for easy comfort for everyday life.



Both Anne and Cassandra began LAKE with children under 1 year old. They juggled building a brand and business from the ground up while being first-time moms – no easy feat there! Through their growth in business and in the number of children (there are now five between the two of them), they have learned to find balance between their work and home life and to consistently use their families as a source of inspiration and motivation for furthering the LAKE brand. As Momsley moms, we can easily see a little bit of ourselves in Anne and Cassandra. They have navigated the balance of home and work, excelling in both by reaching business goals and being present in the lives of their children. These two are as admirable as it gets! 


“I think it’s important for other women to know that it’s ok to make a career change when you know something’s not right. Yes, it’s a risk, but we’re personally so thankful that we had the courage to go for it.”

– Cassandra Cannon







Meg is a seasoned writer from the suburbs of Chicago where she juggles homeschooling, managing her business, and all the other joys of motherhood. When she is not chasing her kids or her dreams, she can be found with a cup of coffee, a chunky blanket, and a pile of books. Or on an adventure with her husband.

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