Kate Westad has designed innovative beauty storage that has become a part of a “Refill Revolution” that is shaking the beauty industry today. Read more about her product.


NAME: Kate Westad
AGE: 40’s
CHILDREN: Westad is the only parent of 4 children: Chloe (17), Claire (15), Carter (13), Camden (10)
INSTAGRAM: @palettebypak, @mostbeautifuldarling
LOCATION: Lakeville, Minnesota
OCCUPATION: Personal Injury Lawyer, Founder of Palette by Pak
BRAND: Palette By Pak

Kate Westad founded Palette by Pak in 2017 while in her forties. She branded her company as the ultimate travel product that every woman needs, providing a high quality, functional way of storing beauty products on-the-go that is both sustainable and reusable. Her consciously designed containers are made to hold all of your “goops, globs, and glam!” for your next fun vacation.



When packing for a solo trip, Westad became frustrated with making space for all her favorite beauty and cosmetic items. And so, an idea quickly blossomed and she envisioned “Palette the Original High Fiver” so clearly: the design, the colors, the materials, everything! This original product would take her several years to develop and grow into her company, Palette By Pak, but has now become a part of the “Refill Revolution” that is changing the way consumers everywhere think about purchasing and replenishing their favorite beauty products.


“I truly believe that refill is the new recycle”

– Kate Westad



This product has created an innovative, sustainable approach to beauty. Westad saw a gap in the market and founded a company that put both people and the planet first. Plus, it has never been easier for us to take our favorite products along with us! Whether for daily touch ups or travel, this Pak has got us organized and ready to hit the ground running.



She is real and recognizes that as a mom we can do it all, but we don’t have to do it all ALL the time. She advises to give yourself a little grace. As a mom, attorney, and business woman , that means skipping the laundry once in a while or ordering take out. Westad is creating a better environment and positively impacting the future of beauty, one small step at a time, while maintaining the life she wants for her career and kids. We love that she shows the nitty-gritty reality of being the do-it-all mama!


“For every person who has something less supportive to say, you will find literally 30 more people who have something amazingly positive and helpful to say.”

– Kate Westad

















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