Jessica Alba is an American actress and entrepreneur that has founded a very successful wellness brand, The Honest Company. Read more about Jessica and the inspiration behind her brand.


NAME: Jessica Alba
AGE: 41
CHILDREN: Jessica Alba has three children with Cash Warren: Honor Marie (11), Haven Garner (8), and Hayes Alba (2)
INSTAGRAM: @jessicaalba, @honest@honest_beauty
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California
OCCUPATION: Actress and Co-founder of The Honest Company
BRAND: The Honest Company
INDUSTRY: Wellness

Jessica Alba co-founded The Honest Company in 2012 at age 31. The Honest Company is focused on offering safe, beautifully designed and environmentally-friendly products. Since its beginnings, The Honest Co. has grown beyond baby products to also offer wellness products for self, family, and home. 



The Honest Company believes that what we put in, on and around our bodies matters! They also believe that consumers should have one brand that always offers this – and that they should NOT have to go to multiple retailers to meet this need. Enter The Honest Company, where a woman can find all that she needs, in one place, from a source she trusts.



Finding brands we trust is hard. So is finding enough time to get all the things both ourselves and our growing families need to stay healthy. Alba and The Honest Company give women two really important things: safe products they can trust AND time back to invest in other important things. 



Despite being an actress with more resources than the common mom, Alba had her own children and still quickly realized some of the challenges that today’s moms face related to wellness, “right” choices, and environmental sustainability. Her company has become an incredible resource for women to trust, as they continue to remain conscientious about the world they live in, the kids they love, and the things they surround themselves and their families with. 


“No matter how different women are, we all seem to share the guilt that we’re not doing enough. If anything, I would say that as long as you’re doing your best, it’s more than enough.”

– Jessica Alba

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