Arielle’s brand began as a style blog based on her own everyday looks, and has since evolved into a fashion, lifestyle, and media company. Read more about her journey.


NAME: Arielle Charnas
AGE: 35
CHILDREN: Charnas has two daughters, Ruby Lou and Esme Rae.
INSTAGRAM: @ArielleCharnas, @Somethingnavy
LOCATION: New York City
OCCUPATION: Founder + Influencer + Fashion Designer and Blogger
BRAND: Something Navy
INDUSTRY: Fashion + Lifestyle + Media

Arielle founded Something Navy as a style blog in 2009. It has since relaunched into a fashion, lifestyle, and media brand in 2020. It is now an independent fashion line with boutiques located in New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas, Texas. Something Navy is designed for the “everyday icon”, with many wardrobe essentials that help curate a closet that is both iconic while also maintaining the basic qualities of staple pieces you are likely to wear over and over again.



Something Navy clothing is designed by an in-house designer; however, the brand is built around and inspired by Charnas’ own life and style. What started off as a style blog quickly evolved into a the fashion line and media brand that it is today. Something Navy celebrates personal style with consciously curated items meant for everyday living.



Something Navy is designed for the ‘everyday woman’. Products featured are wardrobe staples and elevated essentials you’ll find yourself grabbing for every time you leave your home. Not only do customers gravitate towards the items Something Navy has to offer, but they also dive into the stories, both engaging and inspiring, that Arielle and the company share on the website. Charnas states that, “Something Navy was born because of people like you”, highlighting her ability to authentically connect with her followers, customers, and people in the Something Navy community.



Arielle Charnas gained popularity by being a stylish mom and sharing her style and story with her fans. She is relatable, knowledgeable, and familiar to everyone from moms to millennials. In fact, when she relaunched in July 2020, she broke records by selling $1 million in clothing in just 30 minutes, according to Business Insider. Charnas is a powerful force in the influencer game, and this is insanely obvious to her 1.3 million fans on her personal IG account and her 280k followers on Something Navy. She embodies the Momsley Vision of the ‘everyday woman’, showcasing her ability to be both a family-centric mama and an insanely talented business owner.


“My job is to document my life. I don’t think my followers think of me as a businesswoman. They think of me as an everyday girl who they’re friends with.”

– Arielle Charnas


The First SOMETHING NAVY Retail Store Opened August Summer 2020.





Arielle Charnas Opens First Something Navy Boutique in New York — Here’s Everything You Need to Know




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